• Paul Myers

Appraise This!!

This is my first blog post and it was funny to me that I couldn't figure out how it is done. Obviously I have figured it out. At least to write a few sentences. But thank the Lord for grammarly to help my spelling. The name of my blog is "Appraise This" which is the name of my website. I am a real estate appraiser by trade and now after 35 years I have become an appraisal machine. What I mean by that is I can't stop using the skills I use everyday to evaluate everything. Most people think an appraiser looks at a house and says, it's worth $dollars. But what they don't now is there is a system of thought that you use to first measure and evaluate from the economy, then the market, and finally the house. I am constantly evaluating my life, family, my own home, and even my pets. I guess evaluating everything is the downside of this business.

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