About Paul Myers

Having 35+ years as a Property Appraiser has given me a diverse professional background. I always support my clients above and beyond the appraisal industry Uniform Standard Professional Appraisal Practice. Appraisal License #AR009333.

As a licensed Real Estate and FHA Approved Appraiser I am honest and do not take shortcuts when performing appraisals. My previous work experience as a Realtor and building contractor gives me a unique perspective few appraisers have.

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Take a look at my career in numbers


Years of Experience

as a licensed Real Estate Appraiser serving Southern California.


Real Estate Appraisals

were conducted over my tenure as a Property Appraiser.


Property Photos Taken

taken during my Appraisals. Approximately 15 per Appraisal.

I have helped over three-  thousand clients  

I take great pride in my work and genuinely enjoy helping people achieve their real estate goals. I'm here to help make the process as smooth as possible. With years of experience in the industry, I'm confident I can provide you with the expert assistance you need.

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Repeat clients

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Sq Feet Measured

I have only one goal: To help  accurately value your property

I use the latest technology to appraise the property, allowing him to quickly complete the property assessment. This can include laser measurement tools or AR & LiDAR scanning tools to instantly create floor plans and property measurements.

My References

You are welcome to contact my references to evaluate my work as a Property Appraiser.

The values that drive everything I do

I'm passionate about my work and enjoy helping people navigate the appraisal process.

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My primary pursuit is excellence for appraisals I provide. Continued education and adopting the latest methods enable me to excel.

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As an appraiser, I infuse quality standards in my appraisal service with my communications, work ethic, and overall speed of service.

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Maintaining the majority of my client and lender relationships over my 35+ years as a small business owner is a remarkable achievement.

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Openness, communication, and accountability are at the core of everything I do while balancing my obligation to maintain client privacy.

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If you ever need prompt assistance, I am always available to help. I am an expert in this field and am more than happy to help you any time.